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Hi, I’m Terry Hampton and I live on Big Island Pond in Derry, NH. Although it’s called a pond it’s actually a five hundred acre lake with the most beautiful sunsets in the world. I enjoy watching the variety of birds, including bald eagles, blue herons, white swans, Canada geese, and writing short stories and poetry about them. It is great to finally be settled after the many relocations that come with being an Air Force family for so many years. My husband and I have been married for over 30 years, and we love to travel. He’s a Captain for JetBlue Airways and I occasionally accompany him to fun places such as Aruba, St. Maarten, or San Francisco. We have four grown children and a little Yorkie named King.

For most of my professional life, I have been a Realtor®. Initially licensed MS in 1988, I currently hold my license in NH, NC, and soon will be licensed in MA. The impact the real estate market has on the well being of our nation is felt on every level. For many Americans, while the interest rates have been at an all time low, constraints and economic challenges have still made the ability to buy or sell their homes challenging. That is why it’s best to rely on a professional Realtor® to assist you when making tough decisions.

I am also passionate about education. This stems from a belief that once knowledge is acquired, the possibilities are limitless for success. A life changing moment for me was when I heard a professor quote, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”- William Butler Yeats.

As your agent, I will educate you on all the steps of your goals, whether buying or selling property. My commitment to community and public service is the reason I joined the Zoning Board of Adjustment for the Town of Derry. As a leader in my community, I know how important both real estate and the economy are to business. Bringing information to my clients about changes in zoning, planning, and economic development is what my clients can expect and count on.

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Derry, NH, Atkinson, NH, Hampstead, NH, Windham, NH, Salem, NH, Plaistow, NH, Hudson, NH, Nashua, NH, Kingston, NH, Londonderry, NH

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ECERT, GRI, Luxury, ePRO

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Superb transaction from start to finish. Excellent communication and advice.

- Robert H

Terry is a trusted and ethical Realtor. She loves Verani Realty because they truly care for the clients and their community!

- Terry H

Let me start by saying that Terry Hampton is a wonderful person. She is genuine, caring and very giving. I have known Terry for many, many years and she is always the same. Terry is kind and is willing to help anyone in any way she can.

For all the many years I’ve known Terry, we have both been Realtors in Goldsboro, NC. We had many wonderful experiences in real estate together. We were both blessed by knowing and working with each other. Terry has always been extremely professional. She goes out of her way to make sure all customers are given top notch service. She puts so much effort into helping others and has a knack for helping people find just the right home for their family.

When it comes to working with sellers, she has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Terry will give her all to make sure a seller gets their home sold in a timely manner. She is tech savvy, knows advertising in and out, and makes the job look simple.

Terry Hampton is just the person you are looking for if you are in the real estate market whether buying or selling. You can count on her to get the job done!

- Becky Rosen

My wife and I were in the market to purchase a new home at the height of the 2015 sellers' market. The inventory was thin, the deals were non-existent, and the odds were against us. Purchasing a home is a difficult process to begin with, let alone during a sellers' market. We lost out on 5 houses due to the incredible competition. Many homes were going for as much as 3-5% over asking price. I did not want to overpay and refused to get caught up in a bidding war (we all know what happened in 2007-08). When we did find a home with a reasonable price that we liked, the inspection was dreadful. We all know agents don't get paid until the deal closes, after reading the inspection report, Terry all but forced us not to purchase this particular home. Why? Because she truly cares! She knew that the house we signed on was a money pit and by no means was worth the money that was needed to make it livable. She knew we would never get a return on our investment and it would be years before we had any equity.

Through each deal we lost out on, Terry kept us focused and kept putting positive spins on each disappointment. She held our hand through the entire process until we came upon, the one. Not only was the house we ended up buying gorgeous, it hit every single bullet point on the wish list. A needle in the haystack, our dream home. It completely blew away the competition. I can't believe it's ours. I still check the market and at the price point, nothing and I mean NOTHING compares even now.

The twist of this purchase was that there was another offer on the table, slightly higher than ours. Through working her magic, she was able to create an emotional experience for both the seller and us, the buyer. Due to this extra effort, the sellers gave us the opportunity to match the top offer. The deal was then done!

Terry brings many years of experience with her and she has done business up and down the east coast. She is easy to talk to, she is reachable, she is quick, clever and creative. She is the very definition of professional. We didn't know Terry prior to doing business with her, but now that we do, and after 5 long months of trying to find a home, we not only have an agent, but truly a friend in Terry. She will work hard for you, and make the worst situations manageable. She did such an amazing job during a terrible market for buyers, I can only imagine what she can pull off working in a balanced market, let alone a buyers market.

If you are looking for a new home in the Southern NH area, do yourself a favor and contact her office. She is part of the Verani Realty group in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Thank you so much Terry for the amazing job!! My wife and I could not be happier with our new home. You went above and beyond all expectations, and now we get to enjoy our new home every single day!

- Justin M. Dyer

Terry understands her market and has the ability to see the opportunity to present a problem to a prospect in an understandable way. Terry in not afraid to think outside the box and take risks to achieve her goals.

We engaged Terry to market our home. The unique problems Terry encountered were that the structure was log and post and beam, narrowing the prospective buyers from a typical New England style colonial.

The house was at the end of a narrow one mile wooded road. The house sat atop a granite rocky slope to a beautiful lake, frozen solid in the winter.

Terry overcame these obstacles and turned them into motivating features. Her first approach was to photograph the outside structure to include close up shots of the variety of birds and plant life living and visiting the property. Terry was not afraid to include winter scenes to encourage visions of ice skating, snow skiing and warm fires in the winter. Not to mention a few summer swim shots to bring the visions of basking and playing in the summer sun. Her second approach was to photograph the interior of the home focusing on the clever and unusual aspects of a log home. Some included reeds and metal cat tails within the balcony railings; others featured wood grains and shadows to highlight the unique charter visuals of wood textures. I’m sure this helped the prospect to use their own imagination to see beyond a four wall structure to their vision of what the home meant to them.

Terry thought outside the traditional marketing approach to real-estate sales and hired a drone to video the outside of the property. Nothing is more exciting than emerging from the lakes water to focus on a home on a rocky cliff. To then visually be able to look down on the structure and see the surrounding land mass is unique to any brochure and written description. The video was truly worth a thousand words.

Not to leave any marketing to chance Terry structured a very informative brochure that used wording and phrasing to ensure the prospect felt immersed in the description of the home. Leaving them with the need to persue the opportunity to enjoy the property.

- John and Sue Henry

Terry Hampton was my Realtor in April 2003 when I bought my house in Goldsboro, NC. This was my first house buying experience and I was clueless! Terry met me at her Century 21 office at 10:00 on a Saturday morning. We got in her Caddy and away we went. I had told Terry the area I wanted to look in because my son was in high school and I wanted to stay in that school district if possible. Terry had done her research and we spent the day looking at houses that fit all descriptions of houses. Some that needed a little TLC, some that were just a few years old, some that were still being built, some that had weird color schemes, at least to me, Terry said the colors were very popular at that time (chocolate brown, not my favorite). Different floor plans were explored, Terry introduced me to the split floor plan, two stories, single stories, bonus rooms, they were all great houses, but didn't seem like home to me. Terry and I discussed that God would let me know when I had found the right one. After about four hours, we had pretty much exhausted Terry's ideas save one. It wasn't in the school district I had wanted to stay in and Terry had pulled it off her printer as I was getting to her office that morning. She saved it for last because it wasn't in the area I was hoping to buy in, in fact it was across the county. But we went and like they say, save the best for last. I knew the minute I walked into the foyer this was going to be my home. The color scheme was neutral, one story, lots of yard. I loved it! My son had a car so he could get himself to school and my daughter was starting middle school in the fall so she was going to be going to a new school anyway. God had chosen that house for me, and I am so grateful he chose Terry to lead me to it. I had a blast with Terry that day. She was so easy to be with and so much fun.

The business end of buying my house was effortless on my part because Terry knows the business SO well. She negotiated for me with the sellers on the closing cost, something I knew nothing about, when we went to the lawyer all I had to do was sign the papers because she had everything arranged before we got there. As an added bonus, Terry gave me a house warming gift and a beautiful card (which I still have) when we moved in. What I remember about buying my house was how easy it was because Terry made it the experience easy and, as I already said, fun!

I'm so glad I had Terry to guide me. She knows the 'bizz' and would be an asset to anyone looking for their first home or their fifth!

Thank you Terry for your expertise and your friendship.


My husband & I were referred to Terry by our mortgage specialist, she actually referred a couple of realtors to us. We chose Terry because she understood that you have to work for a living, she was very flexible with her time. She didn't mind meeting with us after we got off work & weekends. Terry is very knowledgeable, she understood what we were looking even if we weren't. Terry helped us purchase our first home and she even fought for us when another offer came through after ours. Almost six years later we are still in our home that she helped us purchase and we absolutely love it as much as we did when we bought it. She even bought us a plant for a housewarming gift. She is very personable and a joy to hang out with. I would recommend her to anyone, she truly has your best interest at heart.

- Jeremy, Dawn and Caroline

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